Female Traveler


FEMALE TRAVELER - 3 hours online training

This course focuses on a gender perspective of travel safety. The course is developed based on the perception, that risks and fears of women and non-binary people are sometimes neglected in regular safety training programmes. The aim is to empower women with the mental and physical skills required when travelling or working in other cultural contexts and in countries with larger gaps in gender rights. While women in most cases are not more vulnerable than men, they do face other kinds of risks than men, that requires specific attention. Some of the fears are pushed on women by concerned family, friends, or colleagues and an open and frank discussion will help put them to rest. Some represent very real risks, that needs to be planned for or dealt with. This course aims to create the forum for both and give women the empowerment to continue travel-ling with reduced anxiety.

Travel&Risk also delivers bespoke training for female travellers, which can also include training in techniques for physical resilience or a broader gender awareness perspective across genders and cultures. 



  • Travel Safety and Risk Mitigation - An introduction to the basics

  •  The security mindset - with a female perspective

  • Gender awareness training
  • Sexual Harassment and assault
  • Communication strategies for women i the intercultural context

Travel&Risk also delivers bespoke training in gender awareness in the field or at the workplace, intercultural communication and conflict management in the field.


How can you reduce the risk of ending up in uncomfortable situations as a female traveler? How you do deal with it when they occur? The way we move through space can help or hinder us. You will learn tools that enables you to de-escalate and steer situations in a better direction and increase your selfconfidence in dealing with these situations. The female traveler training includes:

Voice work and body language

What attitude to choose in difficult situations?

Physical exercises to get a feel for small adjustments you might want to make in various settings.


Female traveler is often conducted as open, online courses. Even though it is online it is a live session with small groups. The session includes lectures, debates, and small exercises based on scenarios.The training will demand full attention and participation, as debates and exercises include all participants.

Do your team or organization have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact us as we can deliver tailormade courses for most audiences and designet for most context.